Each year the university of Canberra has ‘stone week’ a celebration of the laying of the university’s foundation stone in 1968, a tradition of celebrating, parting and pranking for a week each year soon developed. Events such as trivia, scavenge hunts and of course drinking games take place during the week with each different Res wearing matching shirts to build comradery. Each Res shirt has a different theme that is chosen through a vote by the residents. For each year that I have lived on campus my submitted designs have been chosen as the shirt for the Res I have been in.


Stone week 2019 - theme: the 70’s

For my final year of living on campus the theme chosen was the seventies, this year I had moved into the Res ‘cooper lodge’ and drew these illustrations for the event.

Stone week 2019 - theme: SHREK

In my second year of university the theme was Shrek. In the designs for this shirt quotes where taken from the movie along with cut out images from the very same scenes.

Stone week 2019 - theme: BONGS AND THONGS

In my first year the theme chosen was ‘Bongs and Tongs’ keep in mind that I had no choice in the theme, though I created this illustration that reflected the theme and was chosen as the design to be worn during my first stoneweek.